We partner with corporate houses and support them by taking up tasks that’s not the core of the corporates and enhance their availability of time to focus on their core skills. Some of our services in this space include:

Data Analytics (SAT)

Data Analytics is here to stay for some more years and every organization is looking at implementing analytics for their business success. We provide Data analytics services and all of what we do is encompassed into the following aspects:

Standardization of Data Definition / Analysis – Typical activities that get grouped here include:

  • Current Metrics process review including its impact in the current model
  • Data & Metrics definition and standards
  • Data Stewardship – Optimized measurement process
  • Data Analysis, Trends and Validation
  • Intuitive Data Explorations

Automate & Optimize Metrics – The activities that are covered here include:

  • Build Intuitive, Interactive Dashboard around Operational, Optimization, Business Outcome and People Excellence
  • Finalize collection mechanisms, Tool interface and related aspects
  • Automatic collection and reporting of data
  • Fast deployment, hybrid configuration, secure and integration with IT Systems.

Train & Implement – Here the activities that we perform include:

  • Enable Self Service Reporting
  • Help customers to identify new business opportunities
  • Right data for the right users at the right time
  • Fundamental and Advanced hands-on training on tool used
  • Enable a “Data Driven” organization with focus on continuous improvement and real business impact

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Competency Consulting

Competency Development

Goal of ARRA is to enable organizations to achieve their vision and mission. The critical factor here is for the organization to enable skill, re-skilling and upskilling the employees at the right time. Our services in this space include:

Competency Assessment

Skill gap analysis of the various employees based on the competency development model established and next steps .

Continuous Learning

Understand the career progression of the key employees within organization and establish a continuous learning model to achieve their goals.

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